Tuesday, March 30, 2004


My unseeing eyes and my wandering mind came into a sharp focus at the site of a butcher curing meat on the pavement. In just a moment before I shot past, the scene unfolded with extreme clarity. He was holding the tail of what I could only presume to be a dead cow and the belly of the animal - the carcass lay exposed. I wondered abstractedly about the lack of hygiene and then was promptly bothered about my own desensitization.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Staying in a hotel room is affecting me more than i imagined. Woke up last night convinced there is a fire in the room. Bungled about, hit my knee on the side table like in a classic slapstic movie and waited for the firefighters to break in. My sleep drugged brain somehow didnt figure out the green that occassionally flashes on the smoke alarm didnt mean anything bad. Then this morning, mulling over something, I walked straight into an intersection much to the horror and very vocal protests of a driver. The F-word very loudly jarred into my ears and startled me out of the reverie. Glad I am checking out today and am heading home. This short California stay was amusing mostly. Many friends interviewed me about my life in India now. I obliged them ofcourse. It was an interesting study to guess what they wanted to hear and their reaction to what they actually did. "O what fools these mortals be"