Monday, March 21, 2011


I wrote a short story recently. During my college days my friends and I would finish each others story or write from a different view point with a twist etc. I did something similar by writing a different view point to my friends popular story. There were responses appreciating the work.

Unfortunately, it was all for the wrong reasons. The irony and subtlety, that I was appreciating myself for, that I was particularly proud of was completely lost on my readers. Here I was thinking I have made a profound statement by highlighting a hidden dimension of the protagonist and not a single reader caught it.

Of course the fault could simply be the way I wrote it - however my friend who did catch the twist that I gave to his character told me kindly that this sort of highbrow style wont work. I felt extremely depressed - and I call myself an aspiring writer.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Monday blues

Last monday was a big news day - Oscars, Budget presentation, Cricket world cup tied match - I was thinking how easy it was when I was in school. All I had to do was fake a stomach ache and I could have stayed home. With the ability to connect from anywhere to do the work, with your colleagues having the ability to reach you multiple ways and that darn thing called responsibility Monday mornings have only become worse.

Colin Firth won - was reminded of the early facebook less, twitter less age when he still managed to capture a lot of attention as Mr.Darcy.

I don't encounter stutterers these days - same as people with bad teeth, unlike during my school days. I wonder if middle class is highly aware of the intervention mechanisms and are fixing such problems much ahead of time. Would that make children these days more likely to mock or less likely?

I don't see many young children or young adults with dimples these days either.