Thursday, February 17, 2011


Was awe struck watching the redbulls at the Aero show. As the two planes crossed each other within hair's breath there was a collective gasp from the audience and then a round of applause. It must have taken years of practice but I also wonder if some of us are better suited to do such things than others. With my unsteady hands and nausea prone body, hypothetically even if I had spent twenty years of my early life practicing would I have made it? I doubt. Heart surgeons and test pilots are my ideal.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marketable skills

So I am sitting on a chair by the window staring out - they advise you find a job you really love to do - the problem is I don't think anyone would pay for the things I like to do. Let us see - I like to mindlessly watch youtube videos (political satire, cute ads), argue a point to death in a loud voice, read the same books again and again, surf the internet on obscure topics (myth of Aryan invasion, Shakespeare authorship), the aforementioned staring out the window... No, I don't think anyone would pay me for these.

In the meantime I have to carry on the way I do now - a mental equivalent of bulimia. I restrain myself for a few days and then have episodes where I do all or some of the above in a binge until 2 AM in the morning. Unfortunately there is no cerebral equivalent to sticking your fingers down your throat.