Thursday, April 29, 2004


Thought perhaps I could train to run a marathon. You know sometimes how such ideas hit you. Well, as a first step I decided to climb up the stairs to office. I finished the seven floors climb huffing and puffing. Completely out of breath. Disgraceful.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Auto stories

I was late, almost ran and got into this auto-rickshaw. After telling the driver where to go, I sat back and thought of finishing up the last two pages of an engrossing novel I was reading. A few minutes later, sighing at the happy ending, I looked up. And I saw the auto-driver taking a left turn a very famous circuitous route to where I was going. I was furious. I was late. I could have given him more than what he would get now, if he had took me on time. I told him in an icy voice that I was onto him. He mumbled something. We got caught in traffic, there was smoke from the truck in front, I was sweating because of the heat, the minute hand moved. Anger weleld up inside me. I turned about to say something nasty to him. This driver, must be in his forties, probably has a few kids at home, his life defined by his auto and the meagre money he gets. And cheating the likes of me for ten bucks. I stared at his face. I couldnt pronounce the deriding words. After a few minutes we stopped in front of the destination. I asked him to keep the change and walked out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Woke up to the sports headlines Maradona is critical and a column on his drug problems. Perhaps a little poor taste, but got reminded of this fantastic scene from Love Actually. TV producers try to silence an exuberant Bill Nighy, who was absolutely smashing as the aging rock star, commenting about drugs. He then assumes this serious expression and implores the kids not to buy drugs. When the happy producers nod their heads at this unexpected caring display, he smiles and says "become a rock star, they give it to you for free". His performance was impeccable and had me laughing so much.

Monday, April 05, 2004


Weekend was good. Danced with great abandon. With all these sleek cameras in the market, can only hope no incriminating photos end up in the internet. Got reminded of Elaine from Seinfeld. Was in a destructive mood so got a lot of cleaning done. Watched the dark clouds gather and loom and then the rain. A nice bonus.

Started reading a book, this time with a self-imposed rule that I wont go to the next chapter unless I finish atleast 80% of the exercises. Finding it tough not to go to the next chapter right away. I am lecturing myself on discipline and application and all those other things that I obviously lack.