Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New glasses

I got a hip new glass. Spectacles that is. I told the optometrist somewhat frantically that there is something wrong with my depth perception after I put it on. He told me in a couple of hours my eyes will adjust. I suppose he meant my brain. What an amazing piece of machinery.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Watched a lot of movies in the last three days - Iqbal, Rang de basanti, part of Sinbad, Byron.

Cant understand what the fuss is all about for Rang de basanti. I thought it was quite mediocre and glib.
Iqbal ranked much better as a mushy movie. Kukkanoor has come a long way from Hyderabad blues. I still think Bolywood calling is his best so far. Nevertheless, Iqbal is to be appreciated for daring to be slow.
Whos bad - Sinbad! Only a hollywood movie can think of a tag line like that.

Byron a BBC production was again a case in point for another bold biography that gets made often in the west. I don't see those much in India. We rarely have good biographical movies that are very honest. Even for people long dead and gone. No doubt because of the fear of getting lynched. A mathematics loving wife [scathingly named princess of parallelograms by Byron] suffering a sensual pleasure seeking husband is worth highlighting.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Election campaign round one. Definitely the punch dialogue award goes to Vaiko. Kalaignar is busy defending his "Free television" promise, Ms.Jayalalitha is repeating the "Your dear sister" refrain. Vijaykanth doesnt own a TV channel so God knows what he is saying. Yep, Vaiko is definitely the star.

"Free television eh? How about free cable?" - his mocking, fully loaded question was an absolute show stealer - (Kalaignar's extended family owns cable companies).

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Lethargy sets in... I don't want to do anything. Everything seems an effort, everything seems boring... Feel like yawning all the time. Life is like a TV program in a language I dont care to understand.

Then.. music changes. I want to clean up my act, start afresh.. I have this unbound energy!