Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I attended one of Stephen Covey's lectures many years ago. After some clever videos and nuggets of wisdom, he opened the floor for questions. And that's when the real fun started.

It was readily apparent Covey was not one of those speakers who would preface their answers mindlessly with 'great question' or had high level of tolerance for anything in the name of question.

There was quite a clamour as many from the audience ostensibly wanted to ask a question. The mic was frantically passed around and many distinguished looking men and women stood up and spoke. But as it happens many times, they were not really questions.

The surprising part was Covey called it. He said, not once but repeatedly, looking the person in the eye, "Sir, I am opening the floor for questions. Not assertions, not comments, not arguments, not opinions disguised as questions. Please step up only if you have a question"

Every time I attend a conference when invariably there is at least one person who does the above, I think of Stephen Covey.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Was very excited this morning at all the coverage Higgs boson was getting. My faith in popular media is restored.

It inevitably reminded me of the Rig veda, particularly the Nasadiya sukta [10th mandalam]. This verse is the most appropriate salute to this moment, to the eternal quest that nameless whoever of the Rig Veda and the scientists of today share. 

'Who really knows? And who can really tell? When it was born and where this creation come from?
The Gods came after; Who then knows when the universe first came into being?
That out of which this universe came, perhaps it held it firm perhaps it did not,
He who looks down from the heavens only he knows or perhaps not'

Ah, the romanticism of Physics.