Monday, December 12, 2005

Bond and Moraes

Spent saturday reading Ruskin Bond. Delightful.

Reminded me of Dom Moraes. Two poets/authors from somewhat similar background, (I mean it a bit loosely of course), the reasons, choices, heartaches that went behind their decisions, forced or otherwise to make India their home was of particular interest to me. Dom Moraes's bitterness and sorrow due to this decision flows through his writings in contrast to Ruskin Bond's almost idyllic words.

Home is where heart is?


lancelot said...

Dom Moraes did not particularly have any bitterness or sorrow at making India his home.If you have ever ever read him, the continous theme in all his writings,prose and verse,is of a person who is 'lonely in all lands'.He also stated in a later interview that he was glad that he chose to stay in India after all.All this is a matter of public record.Since I knew him personally, I know that where ever he chose to stay he would always be the outsider, the one who would never fit in.

Radhika said...

Perhaps that is so. I did not know him personally.

"Out of God's oven", especially the first few chapters is when I felt this.