Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Two women have surprised me by their show of political maturity. First is Sonia Gandhi refusing the post of prime minister. Without going into what motivated her - altruism or clever maneuvering, I think this is the best decision she could have made. She has come off stumping BJP and the sangh parivar of their prize issue and the very vocal critics through out the country. Atleast for the moment. It is also the best decision considering whoever is going to become the prime minister has the unpleasant job of keeping the left and the tremulous coalition happy.

Second is Jayalalitha. Amma has managed to completely surprise me by revoking a lot of her acts. Again, shows great political maturity to bow to the electorate and recognize mistakes and repeal acts if necessary. It is pointless to criticize that she has done it after the election rout, especially the one time when she hadnt shown her arrogance.

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