Monday, April 07, 2008

Donate blood

I had to struggle to get A negative blood recently for someone undergoing a surgery. Apparently it is rarer than I thought. After multiple phone calls I found a few friends who came by and donated the precious liquid. That in itself was heartening.

And then there was this guy - he caught a bus to travel for about an hour to the hospital, gave the blood and off to catch another bus for another hour long journey. He was not one of those 'I have made all the money - and have all the time in the world' kind of person. From what he told me initially on the phone it looked like he had a regular job and most likely struggled to make ends meet. He must have got 'permission' from work.

He left without any expectation of anything - not even a thanks which he could proudly accept - he didn't bother to wait to see me. In that one stroke my cynicism faded and my faith in humanity was restored. They still make people like this?

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DEUCN said...

An angel he is. Hard to find people who value life more than its additives.

It reminds me of a forwarded email about a professor explaining life to his students using a jar, pebbles, sand, beer and so on..

The gist is to identify and prioritize the core values..

You saw a real life example.