Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Visited the SFO Bay area for a short while. My friend had come to pick me up and as we got out of the maze and smoothly merged into the freeway, I watched the cars gliding silkily on the asphalt, the relatively clean air whipped my face and I exclaimed involuntarily - 'God, I miss this place'. My friend quirked an eyebrow - 'so there is still hope to persuade you to come back!'. I replied - 'People cursed to see both sides of things can be persuaded to do anything'. After a pause I grinned, 'Or not'.

Did my pilgrimage to the library - my favorite guy had still not finished his burger or the book. Now we have to pay money for renting out the DVDs. Could it have to do with the shortage of government funding. It didn't bode well. I remember marveling at a homeless man, with his scanty possession, watching a video in one of the many booths with free players, on a cold afternoon in San Jose library. That was one brief moment when I understood why some thought USA was heaven. I know the irony of the sentence.

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